How to Get a Free Poker Bankroll

This is not a difficult task to find free poker bankroll. They are for new players (players who are new to the poker room, and do not have an existing account at the poker room, where they receive the bonus) offer, often after taking the following measures:
Your identity is verified (this is because to play poker, you must be 18 years of age and confirm that the information you entered when you registered is correct, it’s really you) L is the e-mail address opens confirmed poker account, following the instructions of the company, free poker bankroll, you should wait until your free bankroll visible in your poker account (this can take a few minutes to provide up to 2 weeks depending on providers of free poker money )
You can in this way up to $ 150 free poker money offers, but remember one thing: If you cash in your account, but do not belong to you again! You can play with them, pay for the tournament, but to remove them, you must meet certain requirements vary from one provider to Poker Bonus Poker Bonus:

Whether you collect a certain number of points for this poker room: discount points depending on the inclination to be (the dues money poker rake who make it), usually after every $ 1 you get a certain number of points, you are reading a certain number of raked hands (played with real money, play for money or other virtual background does not count)
PS: You have a limited amount of time to get the bonus (60, 90 days, according to bankroll provider). If you do not receive the bonus at the time, money or free money remaining bonus will be withdrawn from your account. (Ex. 50 million first had free money. After 60 days, you will lose $ 20, which means that now is $ 30 in your account, but has failed to unlock the bonus, the remaining $ 30 bonus will be withdrawn from your account.).